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Here are some photos of various games played on Wednesday evenings at Sheffielsd Wargames Society.

MEDIEVAL SKIRMISH GAME. or Spooky goings on in medieval England. 

Using 28mm figures and the rules: BROADSWORDS AND BROOMSTICKS by Stephen Thomas.

All sems peaceful in the quiet vllage of Stubbly Bottom. The blacksmith is at his forge. The farm hands are in the fields. But what's this? The Baby Beating Bishop of Bath and Wells has come with armed men. He wants his taxes and will deal ruthlessly with any who can't pay.


As the Bishops force enters the village, the peasants look on in fear. However all is not lost. The Black Knight has sworn to defend them from the bishop's tyranny. 


After a brief exchange the bishops chief henchman Sir Leonado de Capitator yells "enough of this" and spurs his charger forward. The Black Knight advances to engage him in combat. Meanwhile the crossbow men open fire on the peasants.



The villagers run to the protection of the walled farm house as the bishops men advance. To their horror the Black Knight is unhorsed and before he can recover one of the Bishops men at arms delivers a deadly blow.    


Unfortunately for the bishop and his men killing the Black Knight turned out to be a big mistake. Angered by the death of her favourite nephew Granny Weatherwax and five of her pals turn up to defend the villagers and avenge the Black Knight.


Under a hail of fireballs, lightening bolts and knitting needles the bishop's men begin to run in fear. "They think it's all over. It is now."


Afterwards the witches declare an exclusion zone around the village and enforce it with regular aerial patrols. The bishop soon decides to look elswhere for his revenue. So once more the gentle folk os Stubbly Bottom can live their lives in peace and tranquility thanks to their friends NATO. Nelly, Agatha, Trudie and Olive. :-)